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A Spell a Day -365 easy spells, rituals and magics for every da

A Spell a Day -365 easy spells, rituals and magics for every da

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For modern witches everywhere comes this stylish collection of spells for every day of the year, written by dream guide and witch Tree Carr.

Make every day magical!

This beautiful grimoire of 365 simple rituals, spells and enchantments will transform your craft and help you discover new powers.

  • The spells are organized into the 5 elements to allow you to work intuitively with the qualities of air, fire, water, earth and spirit.
  • Celebrate any day with special occasion charms, from Samhain or Beltane to a Solar Return in Gemini or a baby-naming ceremony.
  • Cast enchantments for common problems, such as a spell to stop yourself visiting your ex’s social media or a banishing spell for your fear of spiders or heights.
  • Learn how to use your mobile phone as a magical tool for innovative tech spells on-the-go.
  • Add new abilities to your magical toolkit, from creating sigils to connecting with supernatural beings like a phoenix or dragon.

The spells combine the arts of potions, herb magic, candle magic, planetary magic, crystal magic, Tarot readings and so much more. It has never been easier to build a powerful craft into your life.

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