Scentsual Japanese Incense

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High quality Japanese incense. Aromatic incense for your natural life. Immerse your refined senses in the abundant gifts of nature. Made with meticulously selected plant-based fragrances found in nature. Indulge in the passing of time and let your body and mind slowly unwind.

Choice of fragrance

  • Sparkling Gold Yuzu - Juicy Yuzu, Mandarin, Tangerine & green Yuzu leaf. 
  • Calm Hinoki Mint - Fresh Hinoki, Mint & sweet wood with Lemon. 
  • Brilliant Blue Lavender - Fresh lavender & leaf. 
  • Fresh Green Tea - Fresh brew green tea & Jasmine. 
  • Sweet White Sage - Crisp Sage, hint of lime & cedarwood. 
  • Bitter Pink Ginger - Spicy ginger, cinnamon, Lemongrass & Rose 

30pc each pack with ceramic stand. 
Approximately burn time : 25min
Brand : Nipponkodo