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Wild Medicine

Wild Medicine

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Wild Medicine - Tamed Wild’s Illustrated Guide to the Magick of Herbs

A gorgeously illustrated herbal from the witchy experts at Tamed Wild, this handy guidebook introduces readers to the most common and powerful healing herbs and the wisdom gained over centuries of use. Ideal for green witches and budding herbalists!

Inspired by Tamed Wild’s best-selling herb decks, this handbook covers more than 60 magickal herbs--a must-have for anyone interested in the power of herbal healing. 

A lovely hand-painted watercolor introduces each herb, offering an artist’s look at the identifying characteristics. The accompanying text offers the key information every herbalist needs to know:

  • A visual and botanical description of every plant
  • An explanation of the plant’s historical medicinal uses
  • A look at the lore associated with the herb, drawing on the wisdom handed down from generations past
  • A potion, ritual, or recipe idea for each herb
  • Practical tips for how to harness every herb's wild, earth-given medicine 

Beautifully produced, this charming and informative guide is a must for everyone interested in the healing and magickal properties of herbs.

Shelby Bundy is the creator and owner of Tamed Wild, which she created in 2017 as a brand of herbal medicines and concoctions designed to support those in search of an alternative to modern medicine. Today, Tamed Wild sells a range of natural apothecary products from herbs to teas, plus a successful subscription box series. Tamed Wild’s popular blog, podcasts, readings, and retreats make it a leader in the Wiccan and earth-based magick marketplace. Shelby lives in the Appalachian woods with her husband Jason, and is the mother of Chase and Saylor.

Kate Belew joined Tamed Wild as resident Word Witch in 2020. She is a talented poet, writer and social media manager. Kate writes the Tamed Wild blog Magick & Alchemy, and is co-host of the podcast of the same name. Kate lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she is an apprentice of Robin Rose Bennett and a dedicated student of the magick and medicine of herbs.

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