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Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass

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Libyan Desert Glass is a rare and fascinating natural glass that is found in the eastern Sahara Desert, primarily in the Libyan Desert of western Egypt.

Libyan Desert Glass formed around 26 to 29 million years ago, during the late Oligocene or early Miocene epoch. It is believed to have been created by the impact of a meteorite or comet crashing into the Earth's surface. The intense heat generated by the impact melted the desert sand, fusing it into glass.

The impact in the Libyan Desert, would have created a large crater, ejected debris for miles, and sent shockwaves through the ground. The intense heat and pressure was hot enough to melt the surrounding quartz sand at around 3,000 °F, creating this natural glass that is now scattered.

It is composed mainly of silica (silicon dioxide) with trace amounts of other elements such as aluminum, iron, and magnesium. It ranges in color from yellow to green and can be translucent to opaque.

Includes a 1—2 g specimen in an acrylic capsule. Photos are representative of typical specimens. Some natural variation in size/shape should be expected.

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