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Obsidian Raw Crystal Tumble

Obsidian Raw Crystal Tumble

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Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that is formed when lava cools quickly, often after a volcanic eruption. It has a black smooth, glassy appearance.

  • Protection and Grounding: create a shield against negativity and psychic attacks. Many use it for grounding, helping individuals stay connected to the Earth's energies.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: absorb and transmute negative energies, making it a popular choice for energy workers and those engaging in purification rituals.
  • Insight and Self-Reflection: Its reflective surface is believed to reveal hidden truths and bring about insights into one's behavior and thought patterns.
  • Balancing Yin and Yang Energies: promote harmony and a sense of equilibrium.
  • Aiding in Decision-Making: help individuals see the root of their problems and make choices that align with their true selves.
  • Releasing Tension: used in crystal healing practices to alleviate physical and emotional strain.
  • Connection to the Root Chakra: associated with the root chakra, which is linked to feelings of safety, security, and grounding. Using obsidian may help balance and activate the root chakra.
  • Cutting through Illusions: help cut through illusions and reveal the core of a situation, allowing for a clearer understanding of reality.

It's important to note that while obsidian is valued for its metaphysical properties, its use is based on belief systems, and individual experiences may vary. As with any crystal, it's recommended to connect with obsidian intuitively and observe how its energy resonates with your unique spiritual journey.

You will receive a product similar to the item pictured-- this is a natural product; color, size, and condition may vary slightly.

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