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Amethyst Crystal Tower

Amethyst Crystal Tower

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Amethyst is a stunning purple variety of quartz that has captivated people for centuries with its rich color and beauty. Its name comes from the ancient Greek word "amethystos," which means "not intoxicated," as it was believed to protect its wearer from drunkenness.

it has various symbolic meanings throughout history, including spirituality, protection, and clarity of mind.

Amethyst's color can range from pale lavender to deep purple, with deeper shades typically considered more valuable. The coloration is due to trace amounts of iron and other elements within the quartz crystal lattice.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, amethyst has been attributed with various metaphysical properties by different cultures and belief systems. It's often associated with promoting calmness, balance, and inner peace. Some people also believe it can help with meditation, intuition, and spiritual growth.

Tower Height: 3" - 4"

You will receive a product similar to the item pictured-- this is a natural product; color, size, and condition may vary slightly.

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