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Japanese Star Sand

Japanese Star Sand

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Japanese star sand, known as "Hoshizuna" in Japanese, is a type of sand found on certain beaches in Okinawa, Japan.

What makes it unique is its composition—it consists mainly of tiny, star-shaped grains known as Foraminifera (specifically Baclogypsina sphaerulata).  These single-celled organisms live on the ocean floor and have calcium carbonate shells. When they die, their shells accumulate on the seabed, eventually forming sedimentary layers that can be eroded into sand and form the distinctive star shapes. Be sure to check them out under magnification.

Japanese star sand holds cultural significance in Japan and is often collected as a souvenir or used in crafts. It is considered lucky, and some people believe it brings good fortune. It's also popular among tourists visiting Okinawa.

Container Dimensions: 1.75" x .25"  

The Beach photo is of Ishagaki Island by Christoph Schmid. 

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