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17 key Kalimba

Kalimba, also known as thumb piano, is a musical instrument that originated in Africa. It consists of a wooden or metal soundboard with metal tines that are plucked with the thumbs to produce musical notes. The sound of a kalimba can be compared to that of a music box or a harp, but with a distinct African flavor that gives it a special character. Overall, the sound of a kalimba is very pleasant and relaxing, and it's often used to create soothing and meditative music.

It is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in a bag or case. Its portability is one of the reasons why the kalimba has become a popular instrument among travelers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy playing music while on the go.

Size : 7" x 5" x 1.3"

Material : Wood, metal

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