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Let’s talk about loneliness book

Let’s talk about loneliness book

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The true antidote to loneliness, this book will teach you the secret to building meaningful relationships and the importance of authentic connections in a lonely world.

Is it possible to have hundreds of followers on social media but still feel isolated? To live in a city of millions of people but find yourself alone? No one really wants to admit it, but the answer is certainly 'yes'.

So, let's talk about loneliness. Human connection specialist Simone Heng knows a lot about being lonely. She left an enviable career and social life to move back to her family home to care for her mother. All alone in a house filled with memories but devoid of people, she was faced with the realization that human connection is one of our most essential needs.

There's a global loneliness epidemic. Every one of us has experienced feeling lonely, even if we don't realize it. The modern world has changed how we live and the 'village' environment with spontaneous connection has been replaced by remote work and contrived relationships. Most importantly, the old stereotypes of what loneliness looks like no longer hold true — in a world where technology has made us more 'connected' than ever before, people of all ages are feeling alone.

Simone shares her journey to understanding the value of human connection and explains how to distinguish authentic relationships from fake substitutes. This definitive book on loneliness shows us how to build meaningful relationships with those that matter the most, forge new friendships, and create the genuine connections we all crave.

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