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Moss Agate Crystal Tower

Moss Agate Crystal Tower

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Moss Agate is a type of chalcedony, its unique and captivating appearance. Green in color and speckled with earthy tones including white, black, and brown.

Moss Agate is known for fostering balance, tranquility, strength, and connection with nature.

  • Abundance and Prosperity: attract abundance and prosperity, both in material wealth and spiritual growth.
  • Enhanced Intuition: enhance intuition and promote a connection with nature, fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world.
  • Strengthening Relationships: promoting harmonious relationships and is believed to encourage communication and understanding.
  • Creativity and Expressiveness: stimulate creativity and the expression of ideas, making it a popular choice for artists and those in creative fields.
  • Connecting with nature : Moss Agate has a connection to the plant kingdom and can be used to enhance the health and vitality of plants. It is often associated with gardening and agriculture.

Tower Height: 3" - 4"

(No two towers are exactly alike; color and size may vary slightly from photo.)

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