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Wing, Hoof and Paw: An Animal Companion Oracle

Wing, Hoof and Paw: An Animal Companion Oracle

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Before our imaginations were scrubbed clean, we spent time with invisible friends, many of them in the animal kingdom. We encountered the creatures of the earth for what they truly are: Emissaries of the Marvelous. Those characters who jumped out of our storybooks, ignited our imaginations and inhabited our blanket forts were essential to our growth. They lent us strength, character, wonder and companionship. They still can. The creatures in this deck speak to your inner child and encourage your soul on its journey to a thriving, magical and empowered life. Embrace them to renew your magic. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. Hand to wing, hoof and paw. Set includes 44 purple gilt-edged oracle cards, an organza drawstring pouch, and a lushly illustrated 108-page guidebook to help you connect with the adorable animal companions.

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     Box measures 4.375” x 6.375”; 44 cards measure 3” x 5”
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